J. M. Stark

The Pac-Man


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In elementary school I fell in love with the game Pac-Man: Adventures in Time. In middle school, trying to scratch the same itch, I played a large number of Pac-Man fan games that I found scattered across the internet. By the time I was a senior in high school, I decided I would try to make my own tribute to the classic arcade game. Developed over the summer between high school and college, The Pac-Man was the first large scale game development project I successfully completed. Perhaps the most horribly titled game I ever made (the stupid joke being that this is one of those reboots that uses the original's name with 'the' in front), The Pac-Man featured over 70 stages set in ten unique environments. The game had a plethora of interesting game elements to spice up the typical Pac-Man formula. This was the only fan game I would create, though many of my failed projects around this time were also fan games. The Pac-Man was created with Game Maker.

Credit: Pac-Man and all associated intellectual property belong to Namco.

The Pac-Man

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