J. M. Stark

Level Blocker


Level Blocker Image 1

Making levels for id Tech 1 engine games is easy and delightful. The simplicity of the 2D sector-based environment editing allows fast and flexible creation. Later game engines moved onto CSG brushes and then fully mesh based approaches. However, I wanted a way to go back to Doom’s simple way of building environments, but in a modern engine. That desire resulted in the Level Blocker tool for Unity. With it, the designer can quickly build walls, platforms, and other major elements of their levels. The resulting level blocks have a nice, modern look due to adjustable, automatically calculated, smooth beveling. I also developed a triplanar shader to go along with this tool, which allows for easily applying PBR materials to every block without having to do any UV mapping.

The source code for the Level Blocker tool can found on GitHub here: Level Blocker Source Code Repository

Level Blocker Image 2 Level Blocker Image 3