J. M. Stark



Crawl Image 1

My second semester of college I took a game development course. While I did not learn much from the class, it did provide me a good opportunity to spend an entire semester focused on a large scale project. I set out to create a game far more ambitious than my previous ones; this time I would develop a game using the 3D capabilities of the Game Maker engine. The result of all the hard work was Crawl, a first person dungeon crawler spanning thirty two stages throughout eight worlds. Combat and puzzle solving in the game was inspired by the systems in the Mario RPGs. Crawl's story revolved around an interloper entering the minds of people in need of psychological therapy, defeating their demons. It was fairly incoherent. Working on Crawl taught me a large amount of 3D math and how 3D rendering works. Crawl was created with Game Maker.


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